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Outuno/ Inverno ´21

Reborn Collection

Reborn is more than a set of objects of desire. Reborn is a call for a new beginning, a cry for acceptance of what we are as pure, raw women… A revival collection for a different reality. This is a changing world and to be Reborn is to be an active part of that reconstruction. It is the Ode to the new woman. Assumed in its essence and ready to face the world. It is an intense, surprising collection, like the woman who dares to use it!



Reborn’s inspiration comes from this force of nature that is the woman in her purest essence. This is a collection that reflects the energy of Friendly Fire, its avant-garde, trendmaker and practical character, in a creative evolution that bets on the uniqueness of each object and on the different personalities that each one can assume. Warm colours, details in crystal and silver, unusual choice of animal prints and improbable and singular combinations of textures and volumes that awaken the senses.

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