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Modern life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes. It’s hard to slow down in a world that seems to be moving quicker and faster every day. Instead of just going through the chaotic motions every day, it’s time to embrace slow living.

This season, Friendly Fire invites you to go on the ultimate journey to find your path toward a balanced, inspired life. One that will refresh your perspective, renew your priorities and shift your focus to what matters most.

Surrender it all and venture off to the place where you spend your time enjoying the things you value in whatever and however way that means to you.

Utopia comprises a set of diverse elements merged into a conscious rhythm where you will find a new sense of balance. The sky and sea blue hues are captured in textured leathers and fabrics while sea shell embellishments appeal to the cool and relaxed spirit of the ocean side.

The striking combination of leather cutouts and fringes with earthy tones embodies a fresh take on free-spirited fashion and, to keep things balanced, crystal ornamentations give even the hardest of days a shiny silver lining.

A collection for the mind, body and soul to savor the minutes instead of counting them.

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