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Following a trip to Buenos Aires, the authenticity of the ‘gaucho’ style became the inspiration behind Friendly Fire’s fourth collection. The Penelope Collection reinterprets ethnic, artistic and multicultural Argentinian references, in an exuberant, modern and cosmopolitan aesthetic language.

Unconventional textures mix and come to life, in a collection that is all about contrasts and overlaps. The sobriety of black meets the intensity of red, orange and pink, as well as neutral, organic tones, which remind us of the South American mountains, plains and plateaus.

This sultry, sensual collection features luxurious materials such as velvet and leather, complemented by fur trimmings, golden details, sparkling stones, colourful flowers and baroque embroidery. A burst of colour and lush vibes, with the irreverence and sophistication already part of our shoes’ DNA.

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