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Eternal Collection

Eternal is a contemplation of the different dimensions of the construction of identity: how you see yourself, how others see you, and how you want others to see you and the acknowledgement that the closer the distance between the three dimensions, the closer we are of being our authentic self. In a space where the paradoxes of ideal beauty and inner transformation meet, the Friendly Fire woman challenges conventions and taboos and builds her conception of beauty, undergoing a metamorphosis, but remaining true to her authenticity. Her new skin doesn’t define her, doesn’t make her frivolous. On the contrary, makes her become strong, affirmative, stimulating. The aesthetics of the collection presents a beauty pattern that shows itself in contrasting energies. Eclectic combinations match animal prints and sheep fur, details of contemporary luxury, where sparkles and extravagances create glamorous silhouettes, and functional constructions with practical details characterize the utility trend. It’s an exuberant mix of patterns and textures, volumes and finishings that reflect the identity and uniqueness of women, their marks, their differences.

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