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Let’s get out of the box! Let’s release our essence and assume our freedom, without fears and without restrictions! It is time to pour out what’s in our soul, facing the world head on, assuming our happiness, without strings attached, in a genuine and exciting way!

Let’s dress up in light and party, because the gray days are long gone!

Let’s Unleash the kisses and hugs, dance like there’s no tomorrow and live in a passionate way. Fill the world with liveliness and turn it into our private stage!

UNLEASH is a liberation collection. Liberation of stored feelings, repressed will and renewal. A set of pieces that exalt women in all their plenitude, daring, full of life and feminine, designed to accompany the days wanted for parties and without strings attached, constraints and prohibitions. A collection that brings together different textures and fabrics, with stones that enhance the beauty of the one who wears it, with unusual details that make each pair an object of pure desire!

UNLEASH the sun, the dance, the sound and the hugs! UNLEASH friendship, late nights and adventures without thinking about tomorrow! Let’s UNLEASH the conversations and secrets told in the ear in an eternal sunset!

UNLEASH your own Friendly Fire world!

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