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DUST Collection

DUST transports us to an arid world, in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where the nightmare of the end of times seems ever closer and more real. In this world, in which resources are scarce, diseases spread and fear is spreading, that the Friendly Fire woman claims her role and autonomy. Revealing herself to be more authentic and fearless than ever, she demands from all women the initiative to build a better world and demands that, without fear and without limits, they explore their skills and strengths that will lead to the renovation of humanity.


DUST materializes in an almost paradoxical aesthetic, which reflects feminine strength and delicacy.

It is a heterogeneous mixture of textured leathers, contrasting patterns, volumes and applications of pearls and crystals that reflect a perfect harmony of the various facets of the Friendly Fire woman’s identity: idealistic, fearless, exuberant.

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