Galactic Collection

For S/S18, Friendly Fire blasts away into a new galaxy. In an endless universe, the Friendly Fire woman is limitless. The feeling is one of experimentation and fearlessness. Destination is uncertain and will, therefore, inevitably be surprising.

Galactic is a path inset with originality and leading to individuality. Featuring intense sparkling glitter and galactic crystals, the collection stems from a base of ultra-feminine shades which transcend the unique and exuberant imaginary of the galactic girl.


The Iris plataforma shoes were designed for charismatic women with a strong personality, women who run riot wherever they go.

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Carmen wedges are for authentic, exuberant women who look ate life with infectious joy.

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Luxurious and exuberant are the words that best portray the women who wear the Anna wedges and loafers.

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The Jane Birkin shoes and boots were designed for confident women who reveal their bohemian and exuberant spirit through all things details.

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Designed for dynamic, laidback women, the Gala Gonzalez sneakers will tear up the city with both comfort and elegance.

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For restless women who know exactly what they want and who leave their mark on everything they do, the Alexa sneakers are love at first sight.

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For strong, irreverent women, Frida slider flat sandals are the perfect mix of creativity and buoyancy.

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Confident and dreamy, women who wear Sophia sandals believe that their passion and dedication will help them conquer the world.

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